Thursday, October 7, 2010

flying by the seat of my pants...

Ok, so I accidentally posted without writing anything. My computer was having a moment. Um... or I was having a computer moment. Anyways..
My husband is always telling me I fly by the seat of my pants.Ok I think, I call it multi tasking. I'm not offended by his statement either. I think he's probably right. But like the blog says random thoughts, I think that is true of how my brain works. When you put all that I do together it's a lot and it needs to get done, and usually I do get it done. It's hard to plan out my days, usually they all run together! I told Matthew one day when he walked into the kitchen that my multi tasking had caught up with me. The kitchen was a mess! He smiled and said I guess so! Too funny!
Just to give you a glimpse of my multi taking, or flying by the seat of my pants, which ever you prefer, here it goes...
Currently I am smelling the wonderful aroma of homemade spaghetti sauce, making butter, in a butter churn, policing the girls as they are having a moment, thinking about what to cook for supper, contemplating when to put the home school books away for the day, waiting for the dryer to be done with the clothes because it's raining, again, thinking about the mountain of clean laundry to be folded and put away and blogging! Granted I think there is more thinking then doing, but I will get it all done today before I crash in bed tonight. Everyday is different, but some things never change.
Matthew is at a conference about dairy farms, in general. We are a small dairy, and would like to have about 10-12 jersey milking cows. Sell raw milk and other products, off the farm and maybe a store or two. Depends on how we grow as a farm, and what God allows for our lives.
I guess I better go and get some flying done!

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