Tuesday, October 5, 2010

field work

For the most part the chicken manure we got yesterday is spread on the hay field, and tomorrow they are calling for rain, oh and a 1% chance of snow!? Snow?! I hope that was a typo! But it is Maine, and it could happen. I remember one year a few years ago we had some snow on October 10th! It made a mess of things, and didn't last long but... I'm not ready for that yet. We borrowed a neighbors tractor that didn't have a bucket on it so we didn't have ho hitch and unhitch our tractor. Our son got to put a load on the manure spreader  and he was pleased as punch. Matthew was right there making sure everything was fine, and it was. Little Matt did a great job too! He loves to drive the tractor and help in any way he can. Hopefully the rain kills the smell and speeds up the composting of it! The girls were busy playing and running around having fun.
We sold the straw today. Glad to have that gone, before the rain comes. The Amish man we sold it to does the deep, pack bedding for his cows in the winter. A great idea indeed!
I hung some laundry out on the clothes line today, was a great day for it, and no it doesn't smell! I love to hang clothes on the line, free solar power and the crisp smell of fall air. Not too much longer and I'll be using the dryer.With 6 people in our family there is always laundry to do!


  1. I'd love to know what deep, pack bedding for cows is...I'm NOT a farmer!

  2. Deep pack bedding is, all winter long you don't clean out your cows, mostly beef cows, and you just keep adding bedding (straw, shavings) to it to keep the smell down and the cows dry and happy. Then in the spring you can spread it on your fields, it's wonderful fertilizer. Joel Salatin does this beautifully at his farm. He puts corn down before adding more straw, then moves the cows out in the spring and puts pigs in there, and they eat the corn, composting and turning it. He calls them his "piggerators." Pigs love corn.
    Just a brief explanation, but I hope that helps you understand.