Monday, October 11, 2010

movie or rather a documentary...

So my head is still spinning at how fast the weekend went. Almost as fast as the beautiful leaves are coming off the trees!! A fun filled weekend, with Little Matt and Matthew off to an all day Boy Scouting event, the girls and I cooking all day, to a family supper, church, and a birthday party! And a few tentative plans for a Thanksgiving meal with family. We love Thanksgiving, and look forward to it! The harvest, the feasting with family! Love it!
Speaking of feasting, our broilers are almost done growing, and will be ready to be harvested,  probably this weekend. They are about the same size as our spring batch, maybe a little smaller. I think it's the cooler weather. These guys and gals caught on a lot quicker about being moved every morning in their chicken tractor, they move right along with us as we pull the "tractor" along. They love the new patch of grass we put them on and start peeping happily as they eat the fresh grass and bugs, while doing a wonderful job of fertilizing the pasture as they are moved!  Ahh the way a happy chickens life should be! We were also thrilled when we found a medication free and GMO free grain for the broilers.
Sadly our laying hens are not doing so well, and will be harvested soon as well. I've already decided what kind of hens or "girls" I'd like next. We enjoy our GMO free, free range, fresh eggs!
Matthew and I had an at home "date" Friday and we watched a movie, or rather a documentary (I know, I know! I watched a documentary!) called What's Organic about Organic? Along the same lines as two other excellent movie-documentaries Fresh and Food Inc. I highly recommend it, all three actually.  Had some different information on it that I found well, disturbing and just plain gross, as well as good information!

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