Monday, April 16, 2012

my boy

Just gotta say I'm glad last week is over. It was a great week, just really busy.
Yesterday was a beautiful day. The weather was amazing!!!
We all over slept on Sunday morning. Not the best day to oversleep. But we were able to get all the chores, kiddos and ourselves ready and out the door for church. It was close but we made it on time! I think we all were still over tired from last week really!
Anyways we had to rush right off after church to get to our son's very last Pinewood Derby with the Cub Scouts. He's raced for 5 years. For his last year he came in first for the fastest!!! He took it all in stride. He smiled, and chatted with the other boys, and never really seemed to get too concerned about where his car was in the race. He's not really got that competitive spirit like his mom, he's laid back like his dad. Which is fine. We're all different. He's a good sport and that is important. Whether you win or loose is not the point, we tell him, it's how you play and conduct yourself. Really truly it is. I hate to see poor sportsmanship in any sport. Takes the fun out of it. You can be competitive and win, and still be a good sport about it. Or vice versa!
Here is the winning picture of the last race! His is the John Deere car!!

All the boys that entered did a great job too, and the cars were great! Fun to see all the different cars they make.

Here he is with all his cars. Yes he has a theme. Why do you ask?  He liked to keep the same design too. Why change a good thing was his thought. He was happy, had a good time, and congratulated the other racers on their wins. Good sportsmanship is key with us as well. This May he will be "crossing over" into Boy Scouts. sniff, sniff. My boy is growing up so fast. He started in Tiger scouts. wwwwaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Makes me happy, proud, and sad all at the same time.
When we got home from the race we all changed and went outside to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. The kiddos played and had fun in the sun. My Man and I sat in lawn chairs beside each other and chatted. Sigh. It was a really great, restful Sunday.
Today the weather is beautiful as well! I'm so glad. So I shall go outside and enjoy some of this wonderful sun we have!!
Have a great day all! 


  1. Awww he looks so proud! Congratulations on the win and the weather ☺

  2. Congrats to your son! :)

  3. Wonderful! That looks like fun. Our church youth group has a similar race track. They race homemade cars and also hot wheels on it. The kids love it! :)