Tuesday, April 3, 2012

just everyday life

 Life keeps on moving on here. Not a whole lot actually. We sold all our extra maple syrup. So glad of that.
Looks good hu? You can see the difference in the color. One is a little darker, but still they both are good! 

Our little seedlings are finally starting to come up here and there. Can you see them? I like that one still has the seed on the top of it.

My kiddos have been very rambunctious of late too. It's been cold, more like early spring, and windy. Burrrrr. I hung some clothes on the line to dry the other day and it started to spit snow. I ran outside to get them before they got all wet again. I finished them in the dryer. We sent the kiddos outside to run to our neighbors barn and back. They had way too much energy!

One of my nephews came over along with his family and some friends last night for supper. He's a cutie for sure, and I snapped some pictures of him and then showed him. He loved having the camera in his face too. He would smile and say "baby."  He had just enjoyed some chocolate cake with green frosting his mom made. You can see the evidence on his cute little face! Look at his eyes. Oh so blue. They run in the family!

Well that 'bout wraps it up. Still not warm and the grass is still not green. Feels cold and chilly like it should, and I'm ready for some warmer weather. The critters are shedding, and I come back in the house with more hair then they have on them. Mostly in my mouth and on my face. Animal hair just loves to be there for some reason. Reading blogs and seeing all the green and warm temps make me wish it was warmer here. I know, I know it's coming. But sooner would be fine with me!!!
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Have a great day!


  1. Your maple syrup looks yummy!!! It's gotten up to 90* in OK. I have a feeling my garden is going to be a buggy battlefield this summer. There is already tons of grasshoppers in the yard I am glad I have chickens this year to help round em up. Sending warm weather wishes your way!

  2. I love the picture of your kids running across the field and your little nephew is a cutie! :)