Tuesday, April 24, 2012

just when you think all is well

it's not!!!
 We had down pours of rain yesterday. Got about 4 inches. My earth worms are now water logged. There were tons on top of the soil trying to dry out!! hahaha. Seriously. That was quite a day, slopping around in the rain and wind to get chores done. Made it though.
Then today we've had wind. I know I've told ya all about the wind we get on this hill, and open spaces. Mostly I love the wind. But on occasion we loose things. The door to the sap house, the wall to the barn, buckets, clothes. You get the picture. Well today the kiddos and I are sitting around the table doing home school. Then Maggie starts mooing loudly and running around her pasture. I look out the window and the tractor tent is GONE! We have a portable tent for one of the tractors, not really what we want, but due to our current situation that is what we have. It's blown down the road right into the telephone poles! OH GREAT! I grab my jacket, and camera, and run down the road to assess the situation. Oh and my husband is currently working WAY out of town, you know like New Hampshire. Ya.

 Once seeing that it's not going to kill me or anyone else I run back to the house and call my beloved. I need some help. The kiddos and I are not going to be able to pull this sucker safely with all this wind. Our tractor is currently broken down. Poo. The hydraulic hose broke, just need to get the part to fix it. I called my neighbor, but he's not home, the other neighbor is still in high school and his parents are not home either. My husband made some calls. His dad is gone, his brother is at work. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm praying that it doesn't blow up into the wires and really cause damage or worse. I put the cow in the barn. She was really bothered by this whole thing and I didn't need to be chasing her on top of the tent!! I didn't want the kiddos out anywhere near this. Who knows with all this wind if it will pick up and blow the tent away into the lines.

Then I'm in the house waiting to hear back from my husband. The power goes out. AWESOME!! I sprint to get the "old fashioned" phone, you know the kind you are actually attached to the base of it! I was thinking the tent had somehow knocked the lines. And look out the window. It's still there. Suddenly everyone has to go to the bathroom, ahem, present company excused, of course. Why is it 30 seconds after the power goes out everyone had to go?! Well come to find out a tree has fallen on the power lines and knocked them clear off the lines and the power to three towns! Not my tent! Phew! My husband told me to leave it alone and his brother and a friend will come over when they get outta work and help me. Oh good. One of the other neighbors ends up coming over and helps to drag it across the field and I tied it down, three corners of it. Tied it down to secure equipment. Now it won't fly away or hit the power lines! My father, mother, brother in law, along with a friend of ours, came over late this afternoon to help me more if I needed it. I wanted them to check it and make sure it wasn't going anywhere. I guess it was secure enough. I was grateful to them for stopping by to help me out. They all got a good chuckle out of it. I guess in the big picture it was kinda funny.  I'm kinda glad the poles were there because who knows how far the wind would have taken it and what damage would have been done. I'm just glad no one got hurt.

This is how far it blew. I'm standing where the tent is supposed to be. Yup.
Oh and we got our power back two hours after it went out.
Have a great evening all!


  1. Oh my goodness..that had to be stressful! I think I was out of breath just reading about it! Those strong winds can do some damage..we've got them out here on this flat farmland. It's either blowing from the front of the property or the back. Isn't that the truth about the power going out and having to go to the bathroom? I wonder why that is...
    Glad all is well...

  2. Wow, what an ordeal!! I'm glad the tent didn't cause any damage and that the power got restored so quickly!! I try to keep a big water container around during our stormy summers so that we can "flush" when the power goes out. ;~)

    1. We usually have a 5 gallon bucket of water kicking around outside for the critters, so we could "flush". hahah

  3. WOW what a day! Glad everything turned out ok, and some help arrived!

  4. What I'm hoping is that you have a good evening.

    You've had enough excitement for a while, I'd say.

    I too am glad that no-one was hurt.

    Hang in there... we've had some crazy weather so far this year..