Friday, April 13, 2012

more busy days

What a busy week. With Easter weekend, school, birthday's and sleep overs, shopping, getting my hair done!! Phew! Been going all week. That's been my week. I think I need another coffee!
The grass is slowly starting to turn green in my area. The cow is leaving her hay and looking for the smallest bit of green to eat. Thankfully we only have her in her winter paddock, and not the whole pasture. The horses like to go out with her too and eat the grass they find, and her hay. I told you how we planted some red clover, but never got any pics because my camera decided to go funk and quit on me. We are hoping it comes in. It will help with the cows milk! Mmmmm yummy! And I'm sure Maggie will love it, and Dandie too!
We had to put up a temporary fence to keep the sheep out of the road and from going over to our neighbors. His lawn looks greener to then ours I guess. So far the fence is working.
The laying hens are burring themselves in any dirt patch they can find and spending lots of time taking dirt baths when the sun is out in full force, then lots of time looking for bugs and worms.
Dandie lost her horn stumps, finally. Now they are almost all healed over! And looks better. She goes out in the afternoon and runs around and leaps in the air. Funny to watch her. She comes right in when I call her at night, and sticks her head right in her stanchion and eats her grain. I'm so thankful for that. We bought a collar for her to catch her in case she gets out. Now we need to work on leading her. That'll be fun...
Our seedlings have literally taken off this week. The sun has been hot in the windows in the afternoon, when we don't get a 30 second rain shower, or hail, or snow, or all three. Weird weather this week. The peppers and melons have finally decided to come up too. I didn't think they were going to for a while there. Gotta wait until they get bigger and thin some of them out. Seeing how well they are doing makes me antsy to garden! Oh I can't wait, and am praying for another bountiful harvest! Not that I'm wanting to rush summer, I love summer! I can't wait to get dirt under my nails and plant some more food for my family. And wear flip flops! Not in the garden though!
It's almost time to shear the sheep too, for us! I'll be sure to post pics when we do. They look huge right now, but won't when they are naked!
One of my sisters came over one afternoon and we cooked up some yummolishous food! I love to cook with her. It's fun, we talk and giggle, and eat! She has Pioneer Woman's new cookbook and we tried some new recipes. Let's see, it was fried mozzarella sticks, I used my own homemade cheese and made them small and they were good. I don't usually like it, but I think by not having lots of cheese in them I liked it. We made Pesto with Cream Sauce! Oh I love pesto, it was soooooo good. We made a drink for the kiddos. Cherry Lime soda. Then the mother load was Knock You Naked Brownies! Yup! Nuff said.
On that note I have to run! Got lots to do today.
Have a great day all!


  1. Wow, what a busy week! How fun to spend time cooking with your sister! I have the new PW cookbook too and I LOVE it! I've already made the Perfect Potatoes au Gratin and Cowboy Quiche, the crust was to die for!! Next will be the Hollandaise Sauce for Eggs Benedict! :)

  2. Sounds like you have been really busy! I love the PW's potroast and lasagna. I should buy her new cookbook but I am cheap! LOL!!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  3. Candy C I have dropped some not so suttle hints that I want it for Mother's Day to the kiddos!! I have her first one, and love it!!!

    Kelly Check out Amazon for her book!!!!! Pot roast is amazing!!