Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what's cooking in my kitchen

 I have been cooking, but have taken no pictures of it. And other things have been going on. But this morning we woke up to the cow mooing. Or I woke up and nudged Matthew and asked if he was awake. He made a noise to let me know, not really and what did I want. I informed him the cow was mooing and was wondering what time it was and if we should go milk her. He looked at the phone beside his head and it was 6:30. I figured Maggie was thinking she didn't want to wait a half an hour. We usually milk at 7am and 5pm. But last night she gave 25.5lbs, translation almost 4 gallons. I milked her and Matthew went to get grain. She let all her milk down! She only gave 17 in the morning when Matthew milked, and we were pleased at that 3 months into her milking cycle. Matthew got up and went to milk and I got up a few minutes after he had left, and decided I'd make something for breakfast. Some of the kiddos were up and some were not so I wanted to be quiet and not wake them. Even though it was so very tempting seeing how they always wake us up! A little pay back, haha,  I know not very grown up of me but whatever... Well Maggie didn't let all her milk down this morning either, only 8 3/4lbs, translation 1 gallon. She'll be sore tonight, and mooing too.
I had asked Emma what she wanted for breakfast and she said she didn't know as she climbed up into Matthew's lap to snuggle for a minute. I asked him what he wanted and he said "French Toast." I curled my nose at him and said "couldn't we just have rice cakes for breakfast?" It's in one of my all time favorite movies, that line anyways, and I just love it, and use it from time to time.  But I did make french toast for breakfast this morning, and I love love love this recipe! It's so good. No longer just milk, eggs and cinnamon! My mother in law gave me a cookbook filled with some family favorites and Matthew's favorite meals for a bridal shower gift. She had had Matthew ask if I would like that and I said yes. I thought it was great idea. It's also got pictures of his family, the ones who gave me the recipes, as well as pictures of him growing up. I may have mentioned that before, don't remember.
Now that I have made this a longer post then I had intended and not really about cooking let me get on with the pictures!!

 Here are all the ingredients mixed into the bowl

 mmm homemade whole wheat/white flour bread I made last night. I like the flour half and half. Wonderful bread!!
 Plop a piece of bread in the batter, both sides

 Put it on your hot cast iron, or other pan. I just love to cook with cast iron. It's just wonderful when it's all seasoned!

 flip it and cook the other side. mmmm looks good!

 Last step is to eat it, after putting on the butter and maple syrup. Just gotta say it's homemade butter, and syrup that we made last year!! Yummy. Yes I like syrup with my toast. Don't judge me. Or go ahead!!;)
Now if you would like the recipe here tis

French Toast              

1 large egg
2 Tb melted butter
3/4 C milk
2 tes Vanilla
2 Tb sugar
1/3 C flour
1/4 tes salt
6-8 slices of bread (I think this is store bought bread, b/c it's never enough for my homemade bread. I make a double batch)
That's it. It's so good. We all like it anyways!
Have a great day all!

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  1. What a nice gift the cookbook was! :)
    Your french toast looks delish! I always go for the butter and maple syrup too but mine isn't homemade. :(