Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dandie update

Phew, we made it through the night without any problems. Both Maggie and Dandie settled down and slept and ate. Although last night when Matthew milked Maggie didn't let her milk down, and we figured she wanted to save it for Dandie. We were told she might not let it down and she didn't. Well this morning we were woken up by a very loud cow. Maggie was full and wanting to be milked. We got 17lbs. That translates to 2 gallons and a pint. Most we've gotten in a while!! Dandie didn't like that idea of her not getting the milk and then the two of them started bellowing to see who could outdo the other! It was a bit loud in the barn this morning. But we did notice that Dandie had drank all her water, ate some grain and hay. She has even pooped, and peed. We are so very thankful for that, means all systems are a go, she's eating and feeding herself to fill up her belly. They lay down for a while, then get up eat and moo. I did see Maggie lick Dandie's face this morning. 
We had Maggie AI'd this morning. She was showing signs so we put a call in and tada! They didn't have any of the bull named Stone, so we chose a bull named Denali, who is actually not going to be available anymore. Stone is Dandie's father. So now we wait and pray that Maggie doesn't come back into heat and she settles. In 60 days we'll have her preg checked, if she doesn't come into heat before then. And if all is a go we should have a calf sometime in October!! Yaay!!
Have a great day!


  1. I'm glad all went well last night!
    Good luck with the AI!!

  2. wow! it has been a long while since i've been on blogspot. great to see all you've been up to this winter :) i hear we are planning a visit in the next few weeks and i'm so excited for it!

  3. MamaK!!!! Can't wait for the visit!! If there is time maybe you can come to the farm!!!!

    Candy C- Thanks. We are too! We hope she settles.