Monday, January 2, 2012

mr roo

So as I said last year, haha, sorry couldn't resist the pun, we have a new little rooster. My brother in law brought him over. Guess he's paying us back for the very loud rooster we gave him this summer!!  Just kidding, kinda! Actually he's only here for the winter.We put him in with the big girls and prayed for the best for him. I hoped he wouldn't be a bother where he is small. I'm not real sure what kind of chicken he is. He's friendly too, and comes right up to me when he's outside. His name is Snowflake, he came with it. I think my nieces must have named him. I never name the chickens. But so far he's made it, the hens don't seem to bother him and he usually runs when they come too close. I would too if I was out sized by about 3-4 times my size! eeks!
So here is Snowflake. Anyone know what kind he is?

Pardon my smashed pumpkin there. He was eating it when I snapped the picture and then Mama hen comes running and he too off! He doesn't stay still very long either! And I have yet to hear him crow. Even better!

We traded something, don't remember what, for six Barred Rock hens a while back. They are about the same age as our other hens, and all are laying quite well. She's a big girl, but most Barred Rocks are!
Below are a few pictures of the other girls running up to me. They heard me out there and wanted a photo op too! They couldn't be left out, so I snapped a few pictures and told them what good girls they were. I found 20 eggs in the coop this afternoon, and one hen was still in the box!

Such nice looking hens dontcha think? They are enjoying this weird winter we are having with no snow and about 35 degrees this afternoon. They don't like the snow! Ever see a chicken in the snow? It's kinda funny. I have to go grab them and get them out sometimes, they just stand there and squawk! They fluff their feathers and strut around after they are on the ground again, like they meant to do that! They are too funny!
Have a great day all!


  1. They are very nice looking girls and I'm SOOO jealous of all the eggs you are getting!! No clue on what type of chicken Snowball is. My chickens would love the smashed pumpkin too!

  2. Could Snowball maybe be a bantam white leghorn? Love the little bantie roo's. Try as they might with the bigger ladies, they can't really do their roosterly business. When we had our little guy, the ladies would just stand up and keep on walking and he'd eventually just fall off. Never hurt them, and rarely crowed too. Jealous of your eggs! For some reason, our girls have given up laying for the last month. How old is your flock?

  3. Correction via my husband, the rooster is named Snowflake. My bad there.
    Kelly's that is too funny about the hens and the little rooster!!! LMBO!!
    Our hens just started laying in Sept/Oct. We have a light on them on a timer, for a couple hours in the am & pm, so they don't stop laying, during the colder months. They need 14 hrs of light to lay eggs. We usually replace the flock every 2.5 years just to keep up with the eggs, especially now that we sell them to a local food store, and I would like more. I think we have 24-25 hens! Hard to count them all!

  4. Snowflake is a nice addition to the view.
    My girls slowed down laying so I added a light that makes up 14+ hours and they went back to 12-16 a day. Just in the last week, they've backed off again. I've tried to make sure they have water and food 24/7. Don't quite understand what is going on but they aren't paying for their organic pellets right now.