Thursday, January 12, 2012

just so you know

Alright, so I again changed the look of the blog. It's winter now, and "it's snowing to beat the band" as my husband likes to say. Although not much has come down, yet. I think the back ground is nice with the snow and the trees. The white text of the letters was too hard to read, so I made them blue, and a little larger. Hope it still works out. I get bored with the look, and have yet to figure out what I want for my own picture on the top of the blog, so... I know just rambling on there.

Can't see it snowing in the picture, but it's just a blah kinda day. The sky says it all!

I know ya'll will be excited to to know this!;) Maggie finally showed signs of being in heat this month! We haven't seen any of that since she had Dandie. Not really sure why, or if we were just so into having a heifer and making sure she grew strong and healthy we didn't notice, or having a calf on her for almost 12 weeks, and us milking what is left out after Dandie is done, took it away. Anyways, I was milking one night and noticed and told Matthew, he called the AI Tech, but she bled out the next am. Missed it, but we wrote on the calender to keep an eye out for it around the 21st of this month! So I will let you know if we get her AI'd! Dandie's daddy is named Stone. Not sure who we will use this time. Will have to wait and see who the AI Tech has available when he/she comes. We are starting the (and by we I really mean Matthew) building of Dandie's stanchion so we can wean her. Oh boy that's not gonna be fun. I'll let you know how it goes... Gonna hear lots of bellowing, but it's time. She has had a great start to her life being right with mama from the start. We figured Maggie could do a better job taking care of her washing, eating and loving on her then we could. Granted us humans love on her lots, and make sure they are cleaned out and have food and water, but you get the drift. Dandie is a great little heifer. She moos at us if we don't stop in and say hi to her. She loves to chase the chickens around her pasture, I think she just wants to play, but the chickens run for their lives! Kinda funny. She will play with me when I'm out cleaning her stall, and rub her head on my thigh, and jump around, so I squat down and jump around with her and rub her head. I really like her, as do the rest of us, in case you hadn't noticed!
 Well I have to run, we are having supper at my in laws tonight, it's my MIL's birthday, and I need to start cooking and finish up...eerr start with the rest of my daily chores! And maybe dig out the kiddos ski pants...
Have a great day all!


  1. The new look of your blog is nice!
    I'm glad ya'll are having a good time with Dandie and I know it will be hard come weaning time, it always is!