Saturday, January 21, 2012

Been a busy week for me. Things to do places to go.   Haven't really gotten a lot of house work done this week. The house is a mess. I was behind of laundry, but I'm finally caught up. For the present minute. That could change you know in about 30 seconds. It's been really cold here this week too, and windy. Burrrr. The kiddos seem like wild things running around the house. They go outside for a few minutes, but come right back in because the wind is too much. We don't have much snow, but I just looked out my window and it's snowing. Didn't know it was supposed to snow today. Oh well, it is winter now for sure.  Not much of a chance of getting 40 degree weather until March... it would be nice if it were 30... I'm done complaining. No really.
My boy went to my sisters for the weekend. He was over the moon excited about that too. He loves hanging out with his cousin. |They are the same age and when they get together they are such fun to watch. Don't think he'll get much sleep. But that's ok.
I went out with a bunch of friends the other night! Had a blast! It was so nice to talk and giggle with the girls, and not be interrupted by the kiddos, mine or theirs. Ahhh, a whole evening without being interrupted. So nice! Then we went shopping after stuffing ourselves full with some wonderful food, we didn't have to cook! More laughing and looking at some rather interesting clothing. Bikinis!!! Burr. I was surprised to see them displayed right out front, not really. I was like really? It's January and it's below freezing out there! How can you think of, oh no wait I wish it were warmer, so I guess that would work. But really! I was shopping for a sweater, not a bikini!  We went to several stores looking for sweaters. Do you think we could find a good selection? Nope. But the ones we did find were all on sale. We looked and looked. I tried several on and didn't like them. Or I liked them, but not enough to buy it. I wanted one in particular, but it is no more this year. Bummer.  Maybe I'll look online. Sometimes they have things online they don't have in the stores. Well after almost giving up my friend called me over and showed me a beautiful dark gray sweater. I liked it well enough, and hoped it would look good on me and not just the hanger. It's warm and comfy and fits just right. Now for the was $18.00!! Whoohoo!!! I wanted two for that price. Anyhow, I get to the check out and looked at the computer screen with my total, it said I saved $72. How did I do that? I looked at the tag more closely and saw that it was a $90 sweater! Jackpot!! I was happy! Got a new sweater and got a good deal on it!

There's the proof!! Yup I'm happy I got a new sweater, I just loved the selection out this fall. Too bad I missed the one I really wanted, but I got a different one and I love it!  I also had a great evening out with friends, so that was even better. I also bought the CD Adel 21! Oh I just love her singing. Amazing!  Just my 2 cents on the fact.
Have a great weekend all!

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  1. What a GREAT deal on the sweater!!
    Sounds like you had a fun time with your girlfriends! :)