Friday, December 16, 2011


What a day and a half we've had. I went to help Matthew today. He was hired to paint a room, to help out a friend, and he wanted me to come and help. I thought no big deal, I like to paint, and my mom was happy to watch the kiddos for the day. I could work on the trim and he could use the roller. Matthew's not big on painting, so I figured I would do the trim and let him have the big parts! Well we get to the house and the guy is there, and he wasn't supposed to be home until later that day. Matthew walks up on the deck and the man greeted us and said his dad had literally just died last night, unexpectedly. OH MY WORD! I was standing on the ground, ready to jump back in the car, after hearing that news. I felt so bad, the man was holding back the tears and I just hated to stand there. I dug my sneakered toe into the ground, literally about 2 centimeters from a large dog poo. There was another one to the left of my sneaker too! It's no wonder I didn't step right in it! I started to shiver because it was cold this morning, and I didn't have my jacket on, not to mention I was uncomfortable. Matthew spoke to the man and said we could leave. The man said no. They are in the process of moving and need to get the house ready. So he said come on in. Matthew motions for me to follow. I walk up the stairs and go into the house, I look at the bottom of my sneakers just in case some dog poo did get on it. Nope. Clean. Matthew and I made eye contact, and had the same thought. Awkward! We went into the room and chatted, then the phone rings and the man leaves us. We look at each other and shrug. Now what? Oh it was so awkward to be there. We motion to each other and start moving furniture out and lay down the paper on the carpet. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. Once in a while one of the dogs would bark. Matthew and I empty the room, fill the holes and start to paint. The owners of the house are downstairs. It's a raised ranch house. Neither one of us said very much all day, it was the mood of the house, and now us. Quiet. Sad. Thankfully we have been married long enough to know how to work together with very few words. A long, a gesture, a nod.  It was such a long day. Up and down a step ladder, up and down on my knees painting. We didn't stop for lunch. We just worked quietly all day. Not wanting to be a bother to the people mourning, and wanting to get the job done. We feel sad for the family that lost their loved one during this Christmas season so unexpectedly. Our prayers are with them.
Hug your loved ones and tell 'em you love 'em, cause you just never know.


  1. How sad for them and thanks for reminding us to hug our loved ones, you are right, you just never know.

  2. Awww that's soooo sad. I couldn't imagine.