Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas chocolates

OK, so as I said yesterday I would post pictures of the chocolates my sister in law and I made. I would hate to disappoint you. I only have one of the chocolates and then a trifle I made for a party at my in laws the other day. I will have to take a picture of the Triple Choc Truffles when they are done. I messed up the first batch and threw them out and then made a second batch that I need to finish. Today I need to get that done. I'll post a picture for you too. Try to avoid licking the computer screen too! hehe

 We have from the left bottom the one with the gooey looking choc filling those are the Choc Beignets. They had to be fried. Imagine fried chocolate! Yum. Then we have Reese PB Squares, the choc on top and pb on bottom. Just above that the white filled one those are Neehams. Then above that we have PB Balls, the brown ones.

This is the Double Choc Mocha Trifle. It's a brownie, white choc pudding & cool whip mixed with instant coffee, and crushed up Heath Bars on top and in between the layers! Yumminess indeed!


  1. I'll take one of each please and about half of the bowl of trifle!! YUM!!

  2. We are so on the way!! :) Looks fantastic!