Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Just couldn't resist this...

Maggie and Dandie in the pasture on this beautiful day! I had to sneak outside really quietly to get this picture, but I'm so glad I did, makes me go aaawwww.
The weather has been really mild for us so far. We've had some snow, but then the temps go back up to the 40-50's, and it all melts! Crazy for us, but I love it! I was tempted to mow the lawn the other day just to say I mowed it in December, but I didn't. I decided I'd mowed enough this summer! But I've been hearing on the radio that it's supposed to do something tomorrow, like snow. We shall see! Until then...
have a great day all!


  1. What a sweet picture! I'll bet they are enjoying the warmer weather too! :)

  2. I woyld go awwwwww too! That's a sweet picture.

  3. Is there anything sweeter than a Jersey cow? Yes, a Jersey calf. What a great picture.