Friday, December 9, 2011

for sale

This could be looked at three different ways. I guess it depends on which end of the sick your on. One it could be your house/farm for sale. It could be a sign in front of the house/farm you want to buy! Even better! Or if you are in my shoes it's a sign in front of the property you lease, for haying. Kinda an unsettling feeling. OK so a very unsettling feeling.Yup our wonderful neighbors are moved out of their house. We have seen this coming all summer long, and have been looking for different farm land to use/lease/buy. The man went into a nursing home. He's got dementia, and his wife just can't take care of him anymore. And his wife has decided that the house is just too much for her. And another winter with that drive way is another story. So she has moved out into a retirement home. We are very saddened by this. We lost some wonderful neighbors that are like grandparents to all of us. It's so sad to know they are gone, and won't be coming home again.We have no idea who is going to buy the house, and who our new neighbors will/might be. The place has been shown to some people, and some have come back for a second look. So it's good for my neighbor, but sad for us. We are not worried about the situation we are in, but we have been praying about it. I know God won't bring us this far in our farming venture to leave us hanging. I know He is faithful to His own.
On the flip side we have some things in the works that we are praying about as well. So we shall see where this is going, and we are excited about it as well!