Thursday, July 19, 2012

what's cooking in my kitchen

This post may cause you to become hungry and crave something wonderful!!!! You have been warned!!!! Keep reading, you'll love it!!

What is this wonderful multi layered treat sitting on a plate? You ask? Don't drool on your computer, or try to take it off the screen. It just won't work. Well what is it?
OK OK I'll tell you. Homemade Snickers Bars!!! OH what?! Yup, Snickers Bars!!!!!
Now they are time consuming to get all the layers done, but very simple to make. Easy peasy. I'll show you!

 Melt some PB, milk choc, and butterscotch chips.

 Spray a pan with cooking spray, and dump it in and smear it around the pan! Stick it in the fridge.

 Melt some butter, sugar and evaporated milk, add some marshmallow cream, peanut butter, vanilla, then throw in some peanuts. Mix it well then

put it on top of the first layer, stick it in the fridge. 

 Melt some Carmel's with some cream. I got the ones that were individually wrapped, and had to unwrap them all. Took a little time.

 Then put it in the white layer, and stick it in the fridge.

Then the fourth layer is the same as the first. Then stick it the fridge, and then...

Just one last look at it before you go!! Oh and they are so yummy!!! Yup yummy! So here is the recipe if ya want...
FYI - I got the recipe from a friend that got it from pinterest. I do not do the pinterest thing by my personal name or blog name!  It was called Snickers Bar Fudge, or Snickers Fudge.

1st layer
1C milk Choc
1/4C butterscotch chips
1/4C peanut butter

Melt together. Spray 9x13 pan. Spread in pan, put in fridge.

2end layer

4T butter
1C sugar
1/4C evaporated milk
11/2C marshmallow cream
1/4C peanut butter
1t vanilla
11/2C chopped up peanuts

Melt butter, sugar and evaporated milk, bring to a boil, and cook 5 min stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Quickly add marshmallow cream,vanilla, and PB. Stir well, throw in peanuts and stir again. Add to first layer and put back in fridge.

3rd layer

14oz carmel cubes
1/4C heavy cream

Melt carmels and cream together. Put on second layer and put in fridge.

4th layer
Same as the first.

Let sit 1 hr before cutting!
Thats all folks. Make 'em and you'll love 'em!
Have a great night all!


  1. These. Look. Delicious. And sinfully sweet! Gotta try these sometime soon!

    1. Actually they are not too sweet. Rich like the candy bar, but good.
      Actually once they sit in the fridge they are harder, and don't run! I was too impaitent to wait!

  2. Ohhh, that looks good. I had to scroll through fast...I started my diet three days ago and I've been doing good.. God is answering my prayers for strength. I still love reading your posts!!!

  3. That looks soo good!!! Have you made PW's knock you naked brownies? Those were layered and had to be refrigerated for hours in between layers but they were worth it. They didn't last long at my house and everyone wanted me to make some more ☺

    1. Yes I have made the knock you naked brownies! they are amazing! Didn't last long here either!

  4. Cruel, cruel, cruel! I wouldn't dare make those - because I would eat them all myself!

  5. Wow, just looking at the pictures makes my teeth hurt! LOL!! I would actually be afraid to make these, I would probably hide them from my hubby and eat the WHOLE pan myself! ;-)