Wednesday, July 18, 2012

meet charlie

So I haven't been blogging or commenting on the blogs I follow much lately. I've had a lot of personal stuff going on, and just didn't have anything to say. But I think now things have calmed down and I can think again, maybe I can blog some now...

no this isn't Charlie, I just loved this picture. The clouds were amazing the other day. This whole field behind us is now cut. It's been great haying weather here. We acutally have all our first crop hay in!! Over 500 bales, and we are sooooooooo thankful!

 I love this picture of Abby and T.O. I sat down in the grass this evening and took it.

This is Charlie. Our rooster. The kiddos named him. He's young and the hens pick on him some, but he holds his own. So far he's quiet, I have yet to hear him crow. He was the lowest man on the chicken pole from where we got him. He's shy and doesn't like it when you go to him, but as I sat in the grass this evening snapping pictures he moved slowly closer to me, chirping at me as he came. For some reason my camera wouldn't focus, so they are kinda bleary. Charlie is a Barred Rock. Nice looking rooster I think. I think his tail feathers needs to grow, but I like him so far. I will change my mind when he wakes me up at 5am though. I am not a fan of roosters, at all. But my husband wanted to get him and breed the hens and maybe some of the broody ones will hatch out some babies!!! I know Mama Hen is sitting real nice on some eggs, that are not fertilized. I don't think Charlie has... ahem... done his deed yet! At least I haven't seen it! SO we shall see! I'll let you know!
Have a nice night all!


  1. Charlie is a nice looking rooster. Funny, I actually like hearing my rooster crow in the morning, but he is kind of far away! LOL!!
    I like the clouds and your amazing two-headed horse too. :)

  2. Charlie looks cute! I'm sure he will be a nice, well behaved Rooster. Barred Rocks are generally nice calm chickens to have around. One of our favorite, friendly, in your lap hens is a barred rock. Go Charlie!

  3. I hope your personal stuff irons itself out.

    Charlie's good looking. I like roos, even though they are noisy. You do get used to it after a while, and you won't really hear him.