Thursday, July 26, 2012

one thing to another in 24hrs

Yesterday I went to the ocean with my Mom and a sister, along with the kiddos. I know poor me!! I got to go to the beach! Again!! I got to bury my feet in the sand, work on my tan, and just sit around and DO nothing! I did get up and go in the water with the kiddos, but that's it! See...
Ahhhhhhhh check it out! That is a ferry landing your looking at. I'm standing out in the ocean. When we got there the tide was out, but moving in. When we left the tide was just about all the way in. We had to move 3 times to keep from getting our stuff wet!

My sisters foot, and my purple toes I don't know where her other foot is!. We had to move again after this picture. In the right hand corner you can see the ferry landing, if you look. I kept the camera low because there were too many people in the water dressed in a way I don't want on my blog;)

But today I was not at the beach. This is what I did this morning

Bush hoggin the pasture! My Man started it and then said I could have a go at it. He loves me! So I finished up the pasture, and then we turned out the cows. It's a good day when you can smell like diesel, and be on the tractor!
Then I came in the house and did house work because it was kinda rainy today off and on. I wanted to do outside things, but the weather had other ideas. But it's OK, because we need the rain, and I needed to get some stuff done in the house. Maybe tomorrow I can get some outside stuff done. `
I did manage to pick a few more summer squash today! Gotta freeze them. Cucumbers are coming along too and I'll be making pickles before too long! Oh I've got plans for the stuff coming!
Have a great night all!


  1. Oh you poor, poor thing... laying around at the beach, and riding a cool tractor!
    I feel so bad for ya.....NOT~~~~LOL!
    Looks like you've had a great week so far, and I'm glad that you got a little rain too :)

    Have a great night !

    Smiles :)

    1. hahahahahah!!! Thanks. I always love riding on the tractor, and you know sitting on the beach isn't bad either!

  2. What a great summer you're having! I want to drive a tractor.