Saturday, July 21, 2012

oh you gotta read this

The joys of living in Maine! OK, it does have it's perks...just not winter. Or at least I wouldn't consider winter a perk. The ocean is the perk!  Anyways... I won't kill you with any more Snickers bars, but they are amazing! But check out what we did today. The whole family got to go to the ocean this time, but...

We didn't go swimming! And we didn't even get a flat tire! So no overnight...

We went sailing!!! Some people we know own a boat and invited us out for a ride! I mean who could say no to that? It was so wonderful to get away for the day! No this isn't the boat either. My camera died and I didn't get a picture of the boat we went out on. But isn't this a beauty?  Such a perfect day for it too. Just enough wind to keep us moving and calm enough seas so no one got sea sick! Not even me! I was concerned that I might. I'm not a fair ride kinda girl. Makes me whoosy watching some of those rides. I mean bleck! Spinning, tilting, flip flopping back and forth, and spinning some more! Bleck! I can handle the slide with the kiddos and the merry go round. I don't really care for the farris wheel, it's so high and you hear of horror stories of it being broken and getting stuck up there or falling..., no maybe it's just me. I go only when the kiddos ask. So I was hoping I wouldn't be retching over the side of the boat! Nope no retching. Thankfully. I can hold my head up high and smile!! :)

 My baby. What a goof. She lost her hat shortly after this was taken. But we turned around and went and got it. The family that we went out with works well together, and it was nice to watch them get the hat back. They practiced their "man over board" skills. The girls got a little scared when the boat turned because it tips to one side and feels like your falling, I think it's called "wheeling" Boat terms are so different then my regular vocabulary I couldn't keep it straight! Anyways...
 My boy. He's headed off to Boy Scout Camp tomorrow. Sniff, sniff. I'm excited and nervous for him, and me. He's never been away from home to a camp before. I'll pray all week for him, and will be relieved to have him back home. But he loved the boat. He thought it was really fun!

 My girl taking to the Captain's daughter. She asked all kinds of questions, and they were all answered. She enjoyed the ride once she felt comfortable on the boat.

 My middle girl. She just got glasses and she loves them! Purple is her favorite color, and so her glasses are lavender. She was peeking around at me and I snapped her picture.She came and sat beside me and rested her head on my arm just soaking up the sun, and enjoying the sea. I liked that.

 My man loving this day! He tells me when we go to the ocean that if he had grown up by the sea he would have been a fisherman. He loves the ocean and being way out there in it, and on a sail boat no less!
Here we are! Having a blast! We had some watermelon with mint on it. If you've never tried that combo I recommend you do! Was very good.

Our Captain and First Mate (I think that's the term), his son. A self portrait after the one above! 

 That's me and my baby. Don't see me on here very often. I'm always behind the camera! I like it that way!

 One of the light houses we saw. Beautiful. We saw a seal just before this was taken too. My camera wouldn't turn on, and I didn't get it's picture. Was bummed too. We saw two of them. That was cool. The kiddos loved that!
Here we are all done and headed back to shore. The ride was over and it was time to get back to reality.
It was a wonderful day spend with wonderful people and on the ocean made it better! Our first time sailing!
On the way home we got some food at the golden arches. We very rarely ever get food there, but the kiddos were thrilled. It was a real treat for them! And then when we got home we had a homemade snickers bar! Ha just had to throw that in there!!
Got home to do chores, my man milked and I cleaned the pig pen! Ahh the life of a farmer!


  1. You are lucky to live way up there. I would love to go there one day. My husband drives a truck and goes to that area a lot. Looks like y'all had a great day together. And the weather was so nice too I see. You're like me, I am always taking pictures so am never in them, thank goodness!

  2. This looks like so much fun! Someday...I will visit Maine. In the middle of the summer when it's cooler than here, and we can enjoy the beautiful New England coast line.

    And by the way...I made your Snickers fudge last night, for a potluck today...and they are "sinfully heavenly"!

  3. Beautiful family!!! Looks like an awesome family adventure! I would have been a nervous nelly on that thing!

  4. What a beautiful day out with family! I've never been to I want to go more than ever! You have the BEST of Both worlds...SWEETLAND FARM and Maine! You are a BEAUTIFUL family as well....this is so nice to see! From one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie

  5. Oh what a marvelous day for a sail! My husband and I love sailing, it was our dream to own a boat, and after we bought ours we couldn't get enough. We had ours on a 30 mile lake, we have sailed in the ocean, but only with other people and their boats. Then about 6 years ago we sold her . . . and we have had a sad little hole in our heart for her ever sense. Believe me you can get very attached to a boat. You have the term almost right, it's "heeling". I'm so happy for you and your family . . . looks like you had a wonderful day. Thank you for the sweet comment on my dragonfly photo. He was a pretty thing. Have a nice week . . . I know that you will be missing your son . . . but he'll be having a great time. Connie :)

  6. What a wonderful day - and the pictures are great! Such a lovely family.

  7. What a fun day! I can tell by the beaming smiles that everyone had a GREAT time! :)