Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm so excited!! I know my fellow garden blogger's would be too, or are. Depending on where they live! I have gotten some Summer Squash out of my garden!!!!!! My first fruits!!
Whoot whoot!!! See

 I picked three of them!! I plan on using most all of them in my soup starter. I may have to freeze them while I wait for..
 these beauties!!! They are loaded with tomatoes, and I'm sooooooooooo excited. (In case you didn't notice)!! The only draw back it it's very dry here now. I need to water the gardens. It's not a drought like out west as I've been reading on others blogs, and I'm thankful. We just need some rain, like some of you do.

If you look real close you'll see tons of blossoms and some small cucumbers!! I can't wait to sink my teeth into a nice fresh cucumber sandwich! I just love 'em. Oh and my garlic dill pickles! My mouth just waters at the thought!  Yummmmmmmy!!
Well I just had to share! I'm excited at the prospect of a good garden harvest. At least I pray for one!
Have a great day all!


  1. Looking so good! I understand your excitement completely. I feel the same way!

  2. Awesome!!
    I feel ya... we are delighted to get a few squash on our plants this year also.
    Our tomatoes are producing fruit, but so far, none of the tomatoes have turned red. Shoot!!

    Hope ya get some rain. We had a little rain shower today...and I'm so grateful.

    Smiles :)

  3. I can't believe you haven't got tomatoes or cucumbers yet! I have already yanked out my tomatoe plants and cucumbers and started new ones!!! That is soo crazy to me! I am actually sick of canning right now and my new crop of cucumbers is about to come on! I am excited for you though!!! And I hope you share your garlic dill pickle recipe!!!

    1. Actually I did pick 4 cucumbers out of the garden yesterday after I posted this! I ate one and plan to have cucumber sandwiches! Our growing season is a little late this year due to all the rain we had at the start. We are done our harvest by October usually.

  4. YAY!! There is no feeling in the world like eating your own homegrown food! :)

  5. What bounty! I LOVE cucumber sandwiches, too! There just is nothing so exciting as your first produce from your own garden (unless it's the first egg from your chickens...)

  6. I always get so excited when I see little green things popping up out of the ground. Then again when I pick a few things. And we get really excited when we see that first almost ripe tomato. Then when we eat that ripe tomato you'd think we were crazy! It's that good though and so worth the year long wait for a fresh ripe home grown tomato. But right now, I am a little tired of it all. I've been tilling getting ready for the 2nd planting. And it's HOT and it's HUMID. I have never sweat like I do now, like a faucet's being held over my head. So enjoy all those goodies! I hope you get a lot more.

  7. Wonderful!! We've had squash and tomatoes for a while now, and we're watering like mad in hopes that we can keep them going... I've just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following...
    So nice to meet you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and following along with our journey!!