Monday, October 24, 2011

tickled pink

Do you see what I see???

We are so excited to  announce the birth of our newest addition to SweetLand Farm! A healthy heifer calf!!!! She was born yesterday around 2 pm! As you can see it occurred outside in the pasture. I took this photo shortly after she was born, she's still all wet and had yet to stand up. I only got so close and then zoomed in. Maggie is very protective of her, and we didn't want to interrupt her just yet. We had no idea what sex she was at this point.
Let me back up a little.  We had gotten home from church and we were expecting company soon. We had a few things to get done before hand, and had Little Matt go check on Maggie and he comes running back down that he thought she had calved. Matthew and I went up and low and behold there she was all wet and just a cute as anything. I had grabbed the camera just in case! She was up in the left hand corner of the pasture way in the back. What a great place, quiet and sheltered. We left her alone after we took the kiddos up to see our new baby. The weather was great yesterday too nice and warm for a fall day. Later that day we had to get the calf in the barn and milk Maggie, but to first make sure the calf was eating and got some of that good colostrum. I got to pick her up and carry her a bit too, she's probably about 50 pounds. Nice size baby girl. She was still wobbly on her long legs and to get them in the right direction was a work out. She reminded me of Bambi when he goes on the ice, legs going everywhere. Maggie was talking to her lots too once we had them in the barn, and just loving on her, drying her off with her long tongue. Matthew helped her get into position to eat

Took to it like a champ! Our company arrived and we had to show her off, but they all had to stay out of the barn because Maggie was nervous with all the people she didn't know, and we didn't want anyone to get hurt. They all thought she was cute! We left them alone to bond until it was time for milking to relieve Maggie a bit. Then again left them alone and peeked in the window to check on them from time to time. They were both tired. No wonder, having a baby is hard work, and trying to stand is too!
I got up around 4am to check on them and they both were laying down sleeping. So I didn't disturb them.
 Here she is still wet and in the barn. Still real shaky on those long legs!

This morning after eating. Her pink tongue and a little milk on her nose! Check out those lashes. Enough to make any woman jealous!

Here she is this morning resting. Her belly full, and now it's time to sleep. We decided to name her. Little Matt picked out her name. He had it picked out with the last one, but it was a bull calf,  and now we used it with this one. It's Dandelion, but we'll call her "Dandie". I think we are all smitten with her. I mean she's a baby and just so darn cute. Now we pray she stays healthy and strong. We are thankful for her and the blessing she brings to our family farm.
Have a great day all!


  1. Awwww!!! Is there anything cuter than a Jersey calf? You are so lucky to be able to do this. Enjoy every minute.

  2. Thanks doglady! We are enjoying this time. Jerseys sure are the cutest!