Thursday, October 13, 2011

fall in maine

One of the reasons I like Maine, (and I tend to complain about living in Maine a bit, mostly in the winter. It's cold, and too much snow.)  I do like fall here. The colors are amazing, orange, purple, red, yellow to name a few. And the contrast of the blue sky makes it even better. I like to see the colors change and watch when the sun hits them and the wind makes them twirl and dance around the branches until they finally come off and tumble to the ground. The kiddos like to go to my parents house and jump in the leaves. They have great big wonderful maple trees that drop their leaves and are the best to jump in them. The smells change here too, from the sweet scent of the grass to a deep earthy smell. It lingers until the snow flies and covers the barren ground with a nice white blanket of snow. Until that happens and the leaves all fall I like to enjoy the earthy beauty of the trees!

I think it's nice to look at. The view is from our place. Not bad right?!
Have a great day!

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  1. That is a great view. I would agree that Fall is the best season for all the reasons you mentioned. I just feel rejuvenated after he heat of summer although some would say our summers aren't hot at all.