Monday, October 17, 2011


I said a while back that we had another harvest of something coming, and we did. It wasn't the second crop hay either. Although we were happy to get that. Very happy.

It was apple picking! When the weather is cool and the apples are ripe and ready to be picked, we go!  There is a man that lives nearby and he gives us his apples in return for some cider. We think that is a good deal. The kiddos love to go pick apples, climb the trees and shake them! That's great fun for them, and us. I don't too often climb trees, but... never mind.  It was a warm, quiet Sunday evening, and we figured we'd better go get the apples before another frost hit them. The first one was fine, but we didn't want to wait any longer. The apples this year are great and the trees are loaded! There have been some years where the weather isn't that great, and the apples don't grow that well. Guess that comes with everything though. But thankfully it was a good apple year. The apples are Northern Spy. We usually try to get more then just one kind of apple for cider, because it makes a better flavor of cider, but we didn't have any other kinds this year when we pressed it the other day. It still tastes good! 

Can you see my boy up there? He was out of the car and up the tree before I could get out of the car!  He even took his bucket up there. He eventually dropped the bucket, shook the tree and came down, after he had his fun, then picked up the apples he shook free.

My girl decided to pose and smile a toothless smile at me. She lost her two front teeth recently and I just love her smile. Kiddos look so cute when they don't have there front teeth! The smiles are just great! She and her cousin that is the same age as her lost them about the same time. So she has company in wanting her two front teeth for Christmas! Ahhhh not ready for that! Even though it's right around the corner! yikes!

My baby is too little to climb trees, so she just grabs the closest branch and hauls the apples off! She always looks so pleased, and can hardly wait to bite into one. And don't take her apples out of her bucket unless you ask first. She gets upset when you remove all her hard work. But she's more then happy to let you help her fill  up her bucket!

Kinda bleary I know. My camera isn't working all that great all the time. Kinda annoying.

She put that apple in her seat in the car and ate it on the way home. All the kiddos picked out an apple to eat on the ride home. They happily munched and crunched and giggled as we drove home after picking for a while. With all of us picking it didn't take very long to fill our buckets and be on our way.
My camera died shortly after these pictures were taken. So that was all I was able to get. 

I have pictures coming of pressing the cider. I wanted to get a short video of it, but too much was going on, and I need a new memory card, so I just have pictures. Yeah I know I need to get the pictures developed, but some other day I'll do that. I like to save them up!! hahhaahaha. Long story, my family gets it though! So when I get them on the computer I'll share them! And IF we press more cider maybe I'll get a video, not making any promises though! We got all our apples pressed, and I don't know if we'll be getting more.

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