Monday, October 3, 2011

farm life as of late

Welcome almost fall, and welcome tomato blight. Yuck. Yup we got it, late, but non the less. I'm so disappointed with my tomatoes this year. We had 22 plants and I only got a bushel from them, and then maybe about half rotted while they ripened. Last year we had 18 plants and I got 4-5 bushels. What a let down. I had high hopes of making tomato juice, which I did, and ketchup, which I didn't, well I did but gave it to the pigs. Pasta sauce, which I did, but I cheated and bought some for that. Bummer. And a late chat with my SIL about V8 juice. I had to google it and found some recipes too! Why not right?! So I'm actually wondering if we got the tomato blight and I didn't know it and it just rotted my tomatoes and then slowly killed my plants. Frustrating when you have plans for those tomatoes. Maybe better success next year.
I'll show a picture of my tomato juice. I didn't get any pictures while I made it because my husband took the camera. It's a little sweet, so I think next time I won't put so much sugar in it. Yes I had a recipe and yes I followed it, but next time the sugar will be cut back. I made a triple batch and was lucky to get that because of all the rot on my tomatoes. I only got 6 qts of it, but it should taste good in the Pasta e Fagoli that I make. I don't like to drink the stuff, but my family does. Maybe I'll share a picture of my pathetic tomatoes. I just gotta get my knee high rubber boots on and slop out to it first!!
This weekend was a total wash out. I had such high hopes to get out and mow the lawn, and harvest the garden, but it rained, both days. And rain again today, and tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out Wednesday!! I might have to hay the lawn at this point. It's been very wet and a little humid.
 One of our pigs went to the butchers Saturday. We have one more to go later this month. Now why did we do that? Well my BIL had 2 pigs and he lost one of his, so we had 2 different appointments, for 2 pigs each and then had to change it to one pig and two pigs at different times! Follow all that? Anyhow!
Our broilers are doing very well. They are strong and healthy and don't seem to have any problems with their legs either. They love the fresh grass we move them to every morning. They are supposed to be harvested next weekend, but we'll see how big they get by then. I think with the cold, wet weather they are not growing as fast. Which is fine, but we do have them sold and we want them to be just right! It's gone by fast too. But we did get them when they were two weeks from Just a Maine Farm Girl. She has a blog that I follow. She had some extras that she sold us. Ours were going to be weeks late due to the hurricane last month, so what a blessing!
The sun decided to come out this afternoon after all! Ah, that is so nice after what seems like weeks without it! Below is my tomato juice, and I have to run because I have plans to go out with the girls tonight, not my girl kiddos, but big girls, some of my great friends!! A girls night!! wwwhhhooooo!!!!
Have a great day all!

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