Thursday, October 6, 2011

harvest day

OK so we have lots of harvest days, but today was a different type. We the kiddos and I - because Matthew was working, - pulled up the last of the carrots, the bean plants and the weeds. I gave a bunch of carrots to my SIL because she has helped me a great deal with canning this year, so that was a small thank you.  We canned 37 quarts of carrots yesterday. I'm not sure how many quarts are left to be canned, but will be glad when they are done.  We also picked all the winter squash and pumpkins too. We are supposed to get a frost tonight, but I think we might have gotten one last night, at least a small one. The weather was really crazy late in the afternoon here yesterday. One minute the sun was out the next it was raining/snowing/hailing and the wind was blowing. It blew so hard it moved our hay wagon several feet! All the animals were staring at it and the kiddos were hollering that it was going to hit the house! Wild wind! When we had tropical storm winds it didn't move, and I don't think we tied it down. I'll snap a picture of how big it is! Then last night it was cold, really cold! Almost bitter, you know fire weather, and then this weekend it's supposed to be in the 80's!! Crazy! I have to admit I'm looking forward to the warm weekend! It's been cold, wet, and windy here. Burrrr...
We have to pull all the other plants that are left in one of our gardens, I'm not concerned about it, nothing is growing. Just will be nice to get it done. This weekend is supposed to be really nice, so we have all weekend to get the gardens cleaned up,  the fences taken down, put away, and the lawn mowed. So nice to get things harvested and cleaned up for the cold weather that is coming. It's nice to sit back and look at everything that has been done over the summer and the fall. That's when I remember what I did all summer and fall, and all spring weeding and tending the gardens! Love the harvest! Not so much crazy about the cold weather, but am glad when all the work is done until the spring with maple syrup, that begins our year of growing and running! Hard work is rewarding for me, and we are trying to instill that in our kiddos. I think they enjoy the work, most of the time, but sometimes it's nice just to goof off!

Oh my! Looks really bad. Weeds are taking over. And the carrots to the left! Yikes!

Ah that's better! The fence needs to come down and the lawn needs to be mowed, but it's weeded!

Disregard the garden in the back  ground, and look at it now! Much better, and the sheep are taking a snooze in the sun!

Winter squash, pie pumpkins, and cabbage. Looks good!

My helpers!

The hay wagon that blew!

Our next big harvest will be coming soon! You'll have to check in often and find out what it is! I will have pictures to share along with a story or two!!
Have a great day all!!

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