Thursday, March 15, 2012

time change

Good grief this time change has done something to my brain. I mean really it's kicked my butt. Normally it does anyways. I love the spring ahead time change. I love that it's now not dark until around 7! Ahhhh, that is so nice!! I don't even mind loosing that hour of sleep. I usually take a nap on that Sunday after noon after church to make up for it!! ;-0!! This week has been crazy. I didn't get that nap on Sunday. Something happened on Monday, but I don't remember what. Tuesday DaLaney had a sewing lesson in the afternoon. My SIL, a friend, and I  had a class Tuesday night. We had school this week I'm sure! Wednesday came. It was cold and ended up snowing. I collected sap while Matthew was boiling it down. It didn't run and we didn't get much. I hope it ran today. We haven't been eating supper until 6-6:30. Last night we didn't even sit down until 6:45. Matthew and I looked at each other in disbelief. Where did the day go? The days have been flying by in a blurrrrrr. On Sunday morning when Matthew went out to milk he woke up Maggie. She was still sleeping! She was probably wondering why he was out so early! Kinda funny. We had Maggie AI'd the other day, but she bled out this afternoon. That stinks. No calf for the year 2012. This morning I went to town. Delivered some eggs to the store, did some grocery shopping, then had a few things I needed to get for myself. Boy what a treat I got out of the house with no kiddos! Let me tell you about that trip to town. I had to get gas. Well I had cash so I had to prepay. No biggie. I go pay, then once back out by the car I get in and put my seat belt on and start  the car, pop it in drive. Oops. I forgot to put the gas IN the car. So I get out and pump it. I drive to the store. I get my cell, purse and get out. I hit the lock button on the door and slam it. Darn it all! I locked the keys IN the car! I fumbled through my purse to find the spare key. Not there. Great. I laughed at myself at this point. I found a key and managed to get the door unlocked. Although it didn't want to. I grab the keys, re-lock the door and go shopping. Talk about your "blonde" moments! haha   Managed to drop a few things while I was shopping too. Thankfully nothing broke. I've dropped and broken bottles of juice, hate when I do that. I always feel bad watching the person cleaning up my mess. I feel like I should be doing it. Back in the car I gulped down a muffin and a flavored water. Had them both gone before I left the parking lot. I was hungry. I didn't eat before I left home. I like the blueberry muffins at the store. They have baked on sugar crystals on top! Yummy! Probably filled with bad for you stuff, but once in a while it's OK. Once all the shopping was done I get home. Breath. All the stuff unloaded, and I have yet to finish taking care of it. Not that I got tons of food, I've been busy. Done some laundry, and made 3 pounds of mozzarella cheese to sell. Then I remember my boy has Cub Scouts. Get him all ready and Matthew gets him and takes him there. He calls me and says "it's Thursday." "OHHHHHH! Whoops, guess he missed it by a day." Scouts is on Wednesday. Now he's at the mill helping daddy work for the rest of the day!
Oh well. This week is almost over! Thankfully! Maybe next week will be better. Who knows what's in store for me tomorrow!~
Have a great afternoon all! I gotta finish taking care of my groceries, and make supper!


  1. OMG!! You had me in stitches! The thing with the scouts was funny, sounds like something I would do! I have dropped things and broken them in the store too...soooo embarrasing!
    I'm so glad we don't do the daylight savings time thingy here in Arizona! ;-)

    1. well I'm glad to entertain! wish we didn't do the time change either.