Thursday, March 8, 2012

tappin tree

Finally! We put out our taps this morning. 50 in all. Not as many as last year, but with the winter being an open one we decided not to. Open meaning lack of snow. I'm hopeful we have a good run, even if it's only two weeks. We did put them out a little later this year due to life being what it is this year. Usually have a good run in March though! So I'm praying we have a good run and we are literally running to keep up with the sap! It was running really well this morning, so that was encouraging! Here are a few note worthy pics! And a video! I just love that noise!!

 This is a new tap this year. I just liked the way it looks going down a rather steep slope. I thought it would make a nice picture.
Takes time and patience to get this photo! I like the drip on the end! I was also determined to get this picture!
My girl tapping her favorite tree

My baby tapping her favorite tree. She needed a little help from Daddy.

Down low enough for her to get it off the hook.

My boy likes to drink the sap as it comes out. Actually they all do. This is his tree.
My girl tapping her tree. They all have their own "special" tree they like to tap.
Have a great day~


  1. Love the video! I never realized the sap came out so quickly! I'm glad you had the patience for the "drip" picture, it is really cool! :)

  2. That's really neat! Great pictures and video!

  3. This is so cool! I love how the kids all have their own tree :)