Tuesday, March 13, 2012

days fly by

On a farm you can go from one thing to the next in a matter of hours or sometimes days. Depending on the season, then things run together in a big blurrrrrr. One person doing one thing while another is doing something else, the changing gears and doing something entirely different. Farmers you get it ;-) Or if you happen to have a kiddo or two it happens just as fast! Well here are a few snap shots of our busy time the past few days. Two weeks ago a friend of mine asked me the other day to get together for coffee some evening. I still haven't been able to go due to the business of life right now. Literally things have been going on every evening. Either me or Matthew or both of us are out. I told her that from here on out life just is going to get busier for me. Just a season in life I guess.

 Here is Matthew spreading manure on the pasture part of our field!

 Here is Dandie a few hours after being dehorned. Yes we had them burned off. She had some medication to numb the area and was fine. She was up eating and running around the pasture about 10-15 minutes after. They are looking better now, and she's fine. She couldn't resist having her picture taken when she saw me out there snapping pictures of Matthew on the tractor. She posed for her photo op!

Fired up the ol "saperator"!! Can't really see the steam coming out of the steam vent due to the grayness of the sky. The sun is out now, sorta.

 In the sap house and the steam is going and the boiling is happening! Now that the pipe goes straight up it seems to be holding the boil much better!

This is Maggie last summer, but this morning we had the AI Tech come out. She is "bred" to Denali. Now hopefully she will settle. We'll find out soon enough.

Now there is a busy few days. Obviously there were other things going on during the days, I don't need to go on about all that, but you get the idea! Sap is boiling right now as I type this up. Now if it would continue to run and the weather would cooperate that would be a blessing to our farm!
Have a great day!


  1. How much maple syrup do you get each year? Do you sell it or is it just for your family? I love that your whole family gets to be in on the action. What a great experience for your kids!

    1. The amount depends on how many trees we tap. This year we have 50 taps and that should give us 12.5 gallons of maple syrup. (It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.) This year is really bad, that's why we only put out 50. It needs to freeze at night and then be above freezing during the day to have a good run, for the day. It's not doing that on a consistent basis this year.
      Yes we do sell it!
      We have always had our kiddos involved in every aspect of our farm, right from the time they were little ones.

  2. We are coming up to a busy time of year and it looks as though you guys are already there! :)

    1. Our season starts with the maple syrup and goes until the fall when everything is harvested!