Tuesday, November 23, 2010

turkey day countdown

This year we are having Thanksgiving at our house! I am super excited about that too! I have planned and planned some more. I know, I have a plan, and hope it works out, so far it has. One of my sisters is not coming, she's headed to the in laws, and we will miss them. I have invited them to come for dessert, we have cheesecake!! My other sister, her son, my parents and grandmother will be coming. Small, but our place is small, so it works. I've been cleaning like a mad woman and shopping like one too!! Love it!! I'm trying to get things done so I can enjoy the fellowship with my family on Thanksgiving. It's Matthew's favorite, so I hope to make it special for him, as well as everyone else. I'm cooking the turkey too. Little nervous because I've only ever cooked 2 in my life. I've only been a real chef for 11 years. Yup I like to consider myself a chef, sounds better then cook. (kinda like filling out a doctor form when they ask my employers, I like to put Matthew Sr, Little Matt, DaLaney, Emma & Rachel. Or chief executive in charge. Haha, that one gets some questions!!!) My brother in law would shake his head and say "Oh, there goes a bunny!" with that little side bar there. Anyways, back to the turkey, I have my Mom's turkey cooker, a turkey cooking bag, (that is supposed to keep it nice and juicy, and easier clean up, just throw the bag and presto, done) and I have a fresh, all natural, local turkey too. I picked it up today. The kids were sitting on the couch this evening and I heard them making turkey noises, and Little Matt jumps up and runs for the fridge and says "Mommy the turkey is still alive!" haha funny, I grin at him. I asked my mother in law how long to cook it and she gave me some good advice, and I have a recipe that I've never tried before to try on the turkey. I know that is not what a hostess is supposed to do, but I'm gonna break the rules and do it anyways!! Thanksgiving is also my Mom's birthday, so I told her she's not allowed in the kitchen. She thought that was a good idea!:)
Today nothing outrageous happened, so I am thankful for a "normal" day at the farm, and shopping wasn't as horrible as I had thought it would be being so close to Thanksgiving, and I got to go shopping and have a date with DaLaney.

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