Wednesday, November 24, 2010

almost here!!!

Well tomorrow is THE day!! Thanksgiving, that is! All the things that are done, are done, and the things that did not get done will just have to slide. Besides I'm not aiming for perfection. That is unattainable in this life, I'm striving for my best. As long as everyone is safe, has a good time, and the turkey is not burnt or dried out it should go fine! No pressure, there is always dessert! I don't want to reveal too much tonight about the things I've planned and am working on because I'll blog about our first Thanksgiving at our house tomorrow, or the next day and see how it turns out. I'm not even stressed out about it. I've gotten all of my baking done today, because I have to cook the turkey tomorrow, and I got some other prep work done today to keep things low key tomorrow.  Matthew and Little Matt are planning on going hunting in the morning, and I'll be milking.  I bought a special breakfast so I don't have to think about that meal, and the girls can eat while I milk. I even stopped my busy work this evening milked, because the boys were out cutting up the deer Matthew hit the other night. I enjoyed that because I could just sit and think and listen to the wind howl around the farm. It brought the bible verse to mind about  how the wild winds that do His will, and I took comfort in that. Well it's late and I'm tired and I have a busy day ahead tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for good music!

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