Friday, November 26, 2010

ever wonder???

So I'm not going to bore you with all the details of our Thanksgiving. It went well, and the turkey came out well too. I was surprised that it was good. I'm not a fan of turkey, but I actually liked it. I found a new recipe in my Taste of Home Magazine for Champagne Basted Turkey, so I tried it. Everyone said it was good, so we'll go with that. Everything was on the table and still hot and thankfully we did not have much leftovers. My sister threw it all in a bowl mixed it up and we had a turkey pot pie for supper tonight. What a great idea, no peas or carrots thrown in a small container just to be found in a week and thrown away, no turkey for weeks on end either. I took my grandmothers advice and boiled the bones and made a broth to make turkey soup for supper tomorrow. That pretty much takes care of the leftover questions. Just throw on some squash or squash soup for a side and bingo! Done! Clean up went well too, not too many dishes to do, we kept them clean as we cooked, and we used paper plates as well! What a great thing paper plates! Just eat and throw them!! I don't have a "dish washer", but my two hands. I did enjoy the day and the visit with my family, the kids loved having Tiny come over and see and climb all over Nana and Fumfa too!!

Ever wonder what a Mom with young children finds in the washing machine and uumm, sometimes the dryer? Well the other day I was putting clothes in the dryer and something fell on the floor. I picked it up and it was an acorn! Where on earth did that come from? We have no trees, so they didn't find it here! I also found a small bag, a crayon (thankfully that didn't go in the dryer. Had that happen before too, crayon doesn't come out) two hair clips, a dime, a penny, pink flagging tape, and a small piece of paper. Just some of Rachel's treasures. I know they were Rachel's because her pants wound up in the towel basket. I've found money, rocks, lots of rocks, little toys, big toys, paper, markers, you name it, I've probably washed it!

I'm thankful for flowers. I love flowers! Lots can be said with flowers. They just seem to brighten up my day, and make the house look nice. On a dreary day they make me smile. Any kind of flower in nice, rode side flowers, store flowers, tons and tons of dandelions from the kids. I love it when they go outside in the field and pick me handfuls of dandelions, daisy's or whatever they can find. The look on their faces when they are out there picking them, and don't know I'm watching them, and when they hide them behind their backs to surprise me, or when I go in my room or the bathroom and find a cupful of flowers sitting there. I love that! I don't have an eye for arranging flowers the way one of my sisters can, she was a pro, literally! I just cut and stick them in the vase and hope for the best. I did buy some flowers for the table for Thanksgiving, and I'm glad I did. It just added something extra to the table.


  1. I had such a good time! It was fun and restful and well fun!!!

  2. The meal was delicious and The table was beautiful! I have never sat at a more beautiful Thanksgiving table! and never seen a dressed turkey in "in real life ,only pictures!!! Truly, the table, turkey and all, could have, and should have, been on a magazine cover!!!!!!!!!!!!. The you truly have the gift of hospitality!!!! And I love you very much and am so proud of the beautiful, comfortable in your own skin, natural, woman and mother you've become. God Bless YOU, MATTHEW, YOUR BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, FAMILY, AND YOUR WARM, WELCOMING HOME!