Wednesday, September 29, 2010

for my sister

Well I tried to upload a picture for you tonight, but my computer would not cooperate. Or maybe I just don't speak computer.
I love this saying, and I have no idea where or who it came from. But it goes like this:
Laugh everyday, even if it's at yourself.
That said, I was on the phone last night with one of my two sisters and I was hearing the weirdest sound. It was kinda like a wwwweeeeeeyooooouuuu sound. You know those movie previews and the space ones where the UFO is coming down? That's what it sounded like. I told my sister and we had a good laugh over that. Go figure. Maybe it was late, maybe we were just being silly. That was one of my laughs at myself yesterday. But anyways, this one is for my sister.  Love you sis!


  1. We did have a good laugh about it, and great job on the spelling of that ufo sound! LOL I'll bet spellchecker didn't like that. call me and maybe I can help with uploading a picture.

  2. I love your blog ! You go girl! I had NO idea you wrote so well!