Tuesday, September 28, 2010


First of all I'd like to say welcome to Sweetland Farm!
Please forgive the look, it's new and a work in progress.
These posts are random thoughts from a farmers wife. Don't get me wrong I'm just as much a farmer as he is. It's something that we do together, as a family. We farm not because we have to, but rather because we want to. We involve our four children in the chores, and they love it, most of the time. We get a huge since of satisfaction in growing and raising our own food, well a lot of it anyways. But enough about that...
I have a funny story about story about our daughters sheep. One is a Finn Sheep and the other is a Romney Finn. They currently are like dogs and run around the field we live in. Well I had harvested our onions from our garden to make spaghetti sauce and put them on the table outside to dry on overnight. I later went outside to check on them and noticed that a lot were on the ground. I thought that the laying hens had gotten into them first, but then remembered that chickens don't like onions. Then Minty, the Finn Sheep comes up to me. So I loved on her and , well you know how a sheep has multiple stomach's and will regurgitate their food? Well she made that sound , and it sounds like a burp, right in my face! I was almost knocked over by the smell of onions on her breath! Surprised I looked at her, then looked more closely at my onions and saw there were bite makes out of them! I smiled and rubbed her soft head, and told her to leave them alone, and shooed her off. (Yes I talk to my animals). I didn't think that sheep liked onions, but apparently mine do, or just a few bites here and there out of the biggest ones! I ended up having to pick them up again the next morning. They didn't stay out of them and ate all the tops off them.  Oh well. I still had enough to make lots of spaghetti sauce, and our daughter got a kick out of the story when I told her about it.

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  1. Cute! I can totally imagine her face laughing at her sheep burping in your face! Gross!