Tuesday, September 11, 2012

yup, this is my life

Good grief, it's been a while since I posted anything. I'm still around. Still busy. It seems like my days are just running together, and I can't keep ahead on anything. Home school is in full swing and I'm having a hard time getting everything done now. Just a new routine to get into. OK, so I've never in my life gotten "everything" done, and I know I never will. It feels like things just keep piling up, like laundry and the dust bunnies on the floor that I swear I sweep or have the kiddos sweep everyday. I'm up early and to bed late trying to "finish" something I started but never finished. Between school and well my life I'm just busy.  Most days it's good, but boy once in a while it's not! So don't think my life is all sunshine and roses, it's not and I don't mean to give that impression.  On my living room floor right now I have squash, melons, dust bunnies, crayons, jars, boxes, boxes of full and empty jars, onions, paper my kiddos were drawing on and forgot to pick up, boots shoes, dirty socks...I could go on, but I think you can "see" enough! My husband is in the process of making me another cupboard for my canned goods, so once that is made and home I'll show you! I can't wait to get it. Then my boxes and jars and boxes of jars will have a nice new home! But his cabinet making got interrupted by haying!
My gardens are just about done before I put them to bed for the winter!. I have some carrots to finish. Then squash and pumpkins, but I don't can or freeze them. I just put them in my house and eat them up! Wish I had a root cellar for them. Maybe someday...
Today my husband is haying. We finally have some nice weather all in a row to get some second crop done. Seems like this week a lot of farmers are putting down hay. No pics of it again this time either. The batteries are dead in the camera, he's haying with the "poppin johnny".  Maybe next year I'll have things together enough to get a pic of him haying with it! It's kinda cool!
So have a great day all! I have to go find my living room floor!


  1. What the heck is a 'poppin johnny'? I NEED to know! I think this is the time of year when we all just say - take it as it is, it's canning season. I've got boxes of jars and jars and boxes all over the place too. AND dust bunnies. Once the garden is put to 'bed', things should get into a groove.

  2. Pop Poppa Pop!
    Could be a good video.

  3. I know exactly what your talking about! Everything is never done! And then I usually add something else to my to do list! Keep on truckin' girl that's all we can do ☺

  4. And since you can't get everything done, you will therefore never die. The end.

    I always figure that with all the STUFF I have to do, I'll live forever, because I'll never be done and ready to go. See? It works out in the end, it truly does.

  5. You are doing such wonderful work!
    Keep it up!

  6. This certainly is a busy time of year! I'm jealous of your soon-to-be cupboard. I just keep cramming jars of stuff into whatever space I can find, including the storage area inside the coffee table! ;-)