Thursday, September 27, 2012

pig pen

SO I was asked about the pig pen. So maybe I have some answers for you!
 We used some green wire as the perimeter and then a strand of hot wire on the inside of that. It's hot, the pigs squeal when they touch it. I feel bad, but it keeps them in, and they have not tried to get out. My husband informs me that is good because chasing a pig is NOT something I want to do! It is attached to the horse barn where we first had them, in T.O stall. There is a ramp for them to go up and down, but they like to pretend they are acrobats and jump in and out. It's kinda funny to watch them. Sometimes they land on their feet, but other times they land on their side and jump up and shake it off. It's nice so they can get out of the rain.  They rooted up the grass that was there. The pen goes to the back of the barn to the manure pile, and they are wonderful little piggies and go to the bathroom down there too! We found out quickly that it is a little too small, and will make it bigger next year for the spring pigs we get. They still can run and play, but we think it should be bigger for them. I was surprised at how busy pigs can be!
And here are a few pics of their pig pen. As you can see it's not huge, but at least they have the whole stall inside about 10x10 and some space to play outside. And this was the first year we had them at our house. So we learn with each new thing we do!

 Here is the green wire on the outside of the pen. It's not hot. There is a hot wire fence on the inside of this. It's probably about leg high on the pigs.

 This is the back side of the barn. We blocked off the underside of the barn to keep the pigs out with the boards. It goes about halfway back the barn.

 They wanted a pic of all four of them! How cute!

This is the front side of the pen.
It's about 200 square feet outside. Plus the stall.
I hope that helps! Have a great afternoon!


  1. That looks like a great set-up. And they look very happy. I do like pigs very much - but trying to catch one is almost impossible.

  2. I think your pen looks great! The pigs seem content and they are soo cute ☺

  3. My biggest fear in getting a couple of pigs is the chase if they escape. Thank you for the insight on how to prevent that from happening.

  4. How smart you are!
    They can be quite distructive. Looks like you've solved that problem.
    Will you get more pigs to raise?

    Have a great weekend!

    1. We hope to get some piglets in the spring!

  5. I so enjoy reading and looking at your blog posts! It intrigues me to see a little of FARM LIFE! I believe I was meant to live on a FARM....I am drawn to that!(probably a small one though!!) Thank you so much for your words of faith and encouragement~~~You are too sweet! BE BLESSED! Roxie